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Sustainability at HoodAircraft LLC, dba SkyBlue Aircraft Maintenance


Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly Aviation

At HoodAircraft LLC, dba SkyBlue Aircraft Maintenance, we firmly believe in the importance of environmental stewardship within the aviation industry. Our sustainability journey is championed by Miguel Paez, our esteemed Aeronautical Sustainable Officer and Aviation Manager. Miguel brings over eight years of rich experience in the aviation sector, holding multiple certifications as a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and commercial pilot. His academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Sustainability and the Environment, equipping him with the expertise to lead our green initiatives.

Our Sustainable Initiatives

  1. Recycling and Reusing Aircraft Parts: We are dedicated to recycling and refurbishing used aircraft parts, thereby reducing waste and promoting a circular economy in aviation.

  2. Green Office Operations: Our office practices reflect our commitment to the environment:

    • Digital Document Management: We have minimized paper usage by adopting digital workflows.

    • Energy Conservation: Our facilities utilize energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

    • Supporting Eco-Friendly Commutes: We encourage sustainable commuting options among our staff, including the use of electric vehicles.

  3. Educational Programs: Our team regularly participates in sustainability training and workshops, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and implementation of eco-friendly practices.

Vision for a Sustainable Future

HoodAircraft LLC, dba SkyBlue Aircraft Maintenance, envisions becoming a leader in sustainable aviation maintenance. We are continually exploring innovative ways to minimize our environmental impact and inspire positive change in the industry.

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